Digital Asset Optimization

Digital Asset Optimisation (DAO) is the next face of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the world of ecommerce and internet marketing. As search engines constantly change their inner algorithms and update files on their crawlers, so does the methods of increasing website traffic and conversion rate.

The new ecommerce world is now being introduced with digital asset optimization, an internet marketing strategy that focuses not only on articles and keyword text but incorporates all web content such as images, audios, videos, maps, animations, message boards, articles, links and off-line page content. With digital asset optimisation, your website presence can increase significantly because it can be found by a wide range of avenues.

Taking Advantage of DAO

As more and more internet searchers look for digital images and videos rather than text only websites, webmasters are now replacing SEO with Digital Asset Optimisation to improve search results. With DAO, any digital media file found on your site can be optimized and indexed on search engines thus more internet surfers (random or not) land on your webpage.

At, we implement the following digital asset optimisation tactics to help you increase visitor traffic:

Place meta tags on any and all digital media found on your site
Placing keyword-rich meta tags are important. That’s why we make it a point to tag all your digital images, videos, flash animations and other digital files with relevant keyword phrase. Google will easily direct website surfers to your site when its inner system determines the relevance of your digital content to the searcher’s query.
Use the Advantage of Alt Src in Your Images
Never miss out on the opportunity to have a useful keyword text on the alternative text code in and of your digital media html code. Having alternative texts that give a clear description of your digital image, audio, video or flash animation is crucial. That’s why we optimise all digital images and submit them to other popular sites like Flickr and other image/video sharing sites to increase exposure.
Use Analytics Software on Your Site
Google Analytics is an example of good software that reports how your site is viewed by a search engine crawler. Aside from Google Analytics, we also use a host of other sophisticated tools to find out if anything’s wrong with your website.
Link To other Relevant Sites
We link your digital assets to popular and high ranking websites by exchanging links with other site owners, tweeting your own optimized videos, or by attaching them to social media networking sites.
Digital asset optimization is the new way to hook up on the changing algorithms and behaviors of search engines and online web surfers. Whether your site is a simple five-page brochure or complete ecommerce website, helps you take advantage of digital asset optimization. We understand the principles behind DAO and we will surely give your site a major boost when it comes to multimedia indexing, page rank, conversion rate and website traffic.