How does pay per click advertising work? Everything about PPC advertisement

How does pay per click advertising work?

This type of advertising works on a bidding basis. An advertiser selects search terms they feel will be likely to be typed in by a prospective customer looking for their site. Bids are then placed on these terms. Normally the higher the bid, the higher the position in the search engine. (Please see terms of service page for more information regarding Google’s ranking procedures) Each time a visitor clicks on the advertiser’s ad in the search engine their account is charged the bid amount for that click.

Why advertise with pay per click?

According to surveys over 85% of Internet users turn to the search engines when looking for a product or service. With pay per click search engine advertising you site will appear in the major search engines in a matter or days or even hours. Search engine optimization costs thousands of dollars per month and has no guarantee of ranking or placement. On the other hand pay per click is the only guaranteed way to get your site in front of the hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of computer users looking for your product or service. And depending on your business and the competitiveness of your terms this can be a relatively inexpensive form of advertising.

Why should I hire Ultimate Site Promotion to set up and manage my pay per click accounts?

Your time is worth money. You are a professional and an expert in what you do. We are professional and expert in pay per per click services and management. We know how to select search terms, analyze your competition, write ad copy, bid correctly, evaluate the various pay per click search engines and monitor accounts. With all our knowledge and experience we save you money, save you time and increase your return on investment. Easy to reach by phone and email we are interested in any suggestions or concerns you may have about pay per click campaigns.

How long will it take for my site to appear in the search engines?

With Google Adwords your site can appear in Google itself within a matter of a few hours. Then it takes a few days for the ad to be approved and get placed in Google partner sites. With Yahoo your advertisement will be listed in about three days. The second tier search engines each have their own timetable and credit card approval processes.

On which search engines will my site appear?

At this time Yahoo major partners include: MSN, AltaVista, Excite, AllTheWeb and MetaCrawler.
Google partners include: AOL, Earthlink, AskJeeves, Excite and Compuserve.

What is content advertising and how does it relate to pay per click?

As a separate part of their pay per click programs both Yahoo and Google have content advertising. With Google’s content advertising your advertisement appears both in online newspapers and magazines and on individual websites. In Yahoo’s content advertising right now your ad just goes into online newspapers and magazines. Other programs exist which are simply content specific programs. Content advertising works well for some websites and for others it is simply a waste of money. This needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

What are the best pay per click search engines to use?

The two first tier pay per clicks are Yahoo and Google. The second tier engines are EPilot, Miva (which used to be FindWhat) and the European engine ESpotting. The advantage of the second tiers are the relative inexpensiveness of their clicks.

Which is better Google Adwords or Yahoo Pay Per Click?

It is best to test campaigns in both Google and Yahoo. Sometimes the cost of clicks is cheaper in one than the other. Sometimes the return on investment is better in one. And more often than not it is best to use both, testing bids, positions, terms and conversions in both.

How can I control how much I spend each month on my pay per click accounts?

When you hire Ultimate Site Promotion we watch over your budget with care. This can be set within each campaign in Google and each account in Yahoo. Another aspect of budgeting that we watch is how much is spent in content advertising. Since content ads are more prone to click fraud this needs to be watched with care.

What does pay per click management consist of?

The first step is site analysis; your website and those of your major pay per click competitors. Then we use a couple of different tools to find the best search terms to use for your site. This selection is based on the pertinence as well as competitiveness. Normally after researching terms we send the selected terms to the client for approval, additions or deletions. Nobody knows your business as well as you do. We write the titles and the ads based on the requirements of each search engine. Campaigns are then set up and submitted. The campaigns are then monitored on a daily basis. You can call or email us any time to see how your campaigns are doing. You will receive monthly reports showing your clicks for each term, cost per click and total cost. If you have set up conversion tracking these results will also be covered in this report.

Which is better to do, optimize my site or use pay per click?

Optimization is a long term commitment and the results cannot be guaranteed. If you can get your site positioned high enough for enough pages you can receive clicks to your site which are virtually free. With pay per click you do pay for each click to your site. However, the results are immediate, guaranteed and measurable. The best possible program is to do pay per click campaigns in both Google and Yahoo with a budget that fits within your monthly advertising resources. To that add content building to increase your overall search engine position and enhance your visitor experience.