Our Team

Shishir Karki

Technical Director/.Net Guru and solution wizard
Shishir is the Lead technical expert at Smart solutions and is responsible for application architecture design and development. When he’s not working (which is never possible), you might find Shishir is planning on the new software products. Shishir has always had a keen interest in the way development shape our daily experiences, and push the boundaries of what’s possible or expected with modern communications. He specializes in all areas of development platforms, including .net, Java and Android technologies.

Rajendra Hamal

System Analyst, .net experts
Rajendra is the System Analysts/Database administrator/Manager here at Smart Solutions who excels at finding effective and efficient solutions to the challenges faced in every projects. Rajendra posses a great depth of knowledge regarding .net, java, PHP, Mysql and MS SQL server. He is good system analysts who helps team for application design. When not being a scheduling and development, Rajendra is probably spending his time keeping up with new technologies. Rajendra specializes in all areas of application suite, including extensive knowledge of, ASP, PHP, Java and iOS application and is one of the key person of Smart solutions.

Expertise of Our Team

We provide solutions in various technologies and platforms. And we are dedicated to finding the right technology solution for every client.

Key Technology Skills Include :

Web Appliations:
PHP, ASP/ASP .NET, Flash, Flex, AIR, JavaScript, AJAX, VBScript

Mobile Apps:
iOS and Android

Desktop Applications:
.Net, Java, Flex, Air etc..

Open source:
Joomla, Drupal, Code Ingnitor, Magento, DotNet Nuke etc …

We work with:
Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android

We store your data using:
MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Lite and Postgres SQL